What are the methods of making antique mirrors in the Republic of China

2020-02-26 1446

  In the Republic of China, the production of antique bronze mirrors mainly had the following situations:

  ① It is made according to the bronze mirror handed down.

  Bronze mirrors were unearthed in Henan, Shanxi, Anhui and Zhejiang during the period of the Republic of China. Antique dealers made some antique mirrors according to the shape and pattern of the bronze mirrors. Antique dealers try their best to seek special and special in making antique mirrors, so they are mixed with many one-sided elements. The bronze mirrors they make are far away from the real ones.


  ② Old mirror reconstruction.

  In the Republic of China, the reconstruction of the old bronze mirror was a common phenomenon. The reason for this phenomenon is that the price of the old bronze mirror is low, it is not easy to see through processing and finishing, and it can pass the damaged mirror as a high-priced complete bronze mirror. There are several bronze mirrors of the Han and Tang Dynasties reconstructed in the period of the Republic of China in the Palace Museum of Beijing. The edge or depth of these bronze mirrors and some of the ornaments in the outer area are damaged and damaged. The antique dealers cut them along the damaged part, then polish them and make them old, so as to become a complete bronze mirror. The transformed bronze mirrors give people a new feeling, but careful investigation will find that the modeling, button system and decorative proportion of this kind of bronze mirrors are very inconsistent.

  ③ Add money after the old mirror.

  Generally speaking, the model year is added to the ancient mirrors of certain times, most of which are rare ones. In the Republic of China, the bronze mirrors of the Han Dynasty were added the most. First, the initial characters of the inscription were removed, and then the model year was outlined with melted silver. Silver is applied to the back of the silver gray mirror, with little color difference. It' s hard to identify through old treatment.